Victims in 20th and 21st Century

1st World War

 Aggresors: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire (Central Powers)

Defenders: USA, Great-Britain, France, (Allied Powers)

Victims: Death of 9.9 Million Military and of 4 Millions Civilian

Victors: Allied Nations

Philosophy: Emperor Wilhelm the 2nd, wanted World Power for Germany

2nd World War

Aggresors: Germany-Austria, Italy, Japan(Axis Powers)

Defenders: USA, Great-Britain, France, Soviet Union(Allied Powers)

Victims: Death of 24 Million Military and of 49 Millions Civilian

Victors: Allied Nations

Philosophy: DictatorAdolf Hitler, wrote „Mein Kampf“ German Nazism as World Power

Cold War

Aggresors: Communist Nations(Soviet Union, China, North-Korea, East Europe, etc.)

Defenders: Democratic Nations (North America, West Europe, Japan, South-Korea, etc.)

Victims: Death of 65 Million in People´s Republic of China

20 Million in the Soviet Union

2 Million in Cambodia

2 Million in North Korea

1,7 Million in Ethiopia

1,5 Million in Afghanistan

1 Million in the Eastern Bloc

1 Million in Vietnam

150 Thousand in Latin America

Total of 94 Million and 350 Thousand based on the „Black Book of Communism“ in 1997.

How many people died between 1997 to 2019 by force in North Korea? We don‘t know !

Victors: Democratic Nations through collapse of Communism in most countries.

Philosophy: Karl Marx wrote „The Communist Manifesto“

Abortion since 1970

 Victims: 1,5 Billion Worldwide

61 Million in USA

8,3 Million by Planned Parenthood (USA)

Paradox Conclusion

Today it is by law forbidden to teach Nazism, which is good so, due to the crimes it commited to Humanity.

But why is the teaching of Marxism / Communism not forbidden in democratic nations?

It caused much more crimes to Humanity than Nazism! During the years in free Western Democratic Nations Leftists pushed Demonstrations „for Peace with the Communist Countries“ Millions got killed. Who demonstrated for them?

The voices of the victims of abortions were never heard! Why are there so many not wanted babies?
The number of killing unborn babies is 5 times more, than all the victims of 1st and 2nd World War and Cold War together!