Upside down

Worldwide many people use the term, that our world is upside down. Which I agree fully. 
Below is a translated excerpt of the book „Was kommt nach dem Kapitalismus“ (What comes after capitalism)
written by the Austrian author Herbert Giller, which analysis very well this situation of „upside down“.
The whole book offers a good way, how to change it.

 The Structure

The structure of human life in the universe can best be described by a three-layered model. 
Humans stand between the spiritual and the physical realm, is connected to both, and thus the link that makes the universe complete.
At the top is the spiritual level that encompasses spiritual values, religion, ethics, and morality.
In the middle is the human plane, that governs the coexistence of human beings.We usually summarize them by the term politics.
At the base is the material level, through which people are provided with all the things they need for their existence and well-being.
This is called economics.

 Spiritual Values

Religion, Ethics, Morality


Regulation for the coexistence of human beings


Providing Humans with goods and services

The Tractatus socio-oeconomicus (latin)(in english: Treatysocio-economic) is mainly concerned with the lowest level, the economy,
but also the interactions between all levels should be explored in detail.
The meaningful order is that politic should be guided by the superior level, so that ethical principles such as justice, correctness, honesty,
decency and interest in the common good determine political action.
Economy, on the other hand, as the lowest level, should be given clear guidelines from politics, so that it can best serve human society.
In this way, ethical principles should also be adopted in economy and prevent that economic activity harms the community.


If we look at the world today, we come to the conclusion that the hierarchy of this three levels is exactly upside down. Politics is dominated by the economy and not vice versa. It is manipulated not only by so-called "practical constraints" but also directly by economic self-interest.
Companies and corporations send out lobbyists to instrumentalise politicians for their selfish interests. Presidents are bought through campaign donations and then decide in favor of their donors as soon as they are in power. The whole world is watching and is not thinking about it.
The financial markets mercilessly exploit their position of power, because of the indebtedness of the nations and literally pushes the politics ahead of them. Additionally to this comes the compulsive belief of politicians to constantly have to generate "jobs" or to promote their creation.
This finally makes politics a puppet of the economy.
For its part, politics has completely disconnected itself from the spiritual level. Even if some politicians like to show themselves in public with church representatives, moral concepts such as honesty, decency, principledness and incorruptibility are no longer practical categories of political action. Even though smaller groups and initiatives are always trying to establish a moral politic, these efforts come under the sway of general party sting and the struggle for power.


The reversal of the hierarchical levels of human existence is a fundamental cause of the failure of a just, livable world for all people.
This hierarchy must be reversed again.Politicians must reorient their actions towards moral principles and, with this background,
impose clear rules and behavior on economy.
Economy must again put itself in the service of society instead of pursuing selfish profit interests.