1. Cause of Humans and Universum: God, an eternal, spiritual being with absolute values, moral and ethics, which can be seen in the effect of creation and humans.

1. Origin only material world, no God, no absolute values, moral or ethics. Physical evolution has no clear scientific view of cause and effect.

2. Humans as men and women are made in the image of God, as His children. Humans have free will and responsibility.

2. Humans are developed, economic animals.

3. Progress / Development through reciprocal cooperation.

3. Progress through conflict – Thesis vs. Antithesis

4. History is the struggle of good and evil. Moving towards God’s original Ideal of Goodness.

4. History is an economic struggle, moving towards Communism.

5. God created spiritual world and physical world. Humans live forever in spiritual world.

5. No spiritual, only physical world. Physical death is end of human life.

6. Ideal realised through harmony and cooperation, based on freedom, love, responsibility.

6. Ideal realised through progress by conflicts, based on violence, oppression.


Communism (Marxism) is false in the assumption, that economy is the base of society. Historical struggles were not always between classes. Conflict is not always necessary to bring change or development. The communist believe, that communism – the goal of history – will be permanent and not be destroyed, dialectially is irrational.

Unificationism explains universal and human life and laws, based on the reality of cause and effect, which is internal, spiritual and external, physical. Development in history through active love between beings, conscience, ethics and understanding universal laws.