The Purpose of Life
The 3 Blessings (Genesis)

Be fruitful (Growing to perfection – see also Matthew 5:48)

                                                            Physical Self needs:

Spiritual Self needs:

                                                         Warmth of the Sun

God’s Love

                                                         Light of the Sun

God’s Truth

                                                      Clean Air

Good atmosphere

                                           Water + Food

Vitality Elements:
 Good actions based on God’s Word / Conscience

                                                     Multiply and fill the earth

                             Perfected man and woman united with God’s Love and Word, create a family with children,
                         who are also under God’s dominion of love and with the inherited potential to become perfect.
God centered families, become tribes, nations, races all over the world.

                                             Have dominion over the earth

                   Humanity is the mediator between God and Creation. Passes on divine love to all beings of the creation,
by treating them in harmony with original, universal laws which come from God.